What's the easiest way for me to learn all of my scales?
How do I get the tone I want?
How can I be a better sight reader?
I get nervous before auditions. What can I do to stop the nerves?
My band director says that I need to change my embouchure, how do I do that?

If you've ever asked yourself any of these questions, music lessons are for you and summer is the perfect time to get started. 

Our summer lessons are specifically tailored to help you meet your desired goals and to become the best musician you can be. Not only will you learn how to improve your skills, you will learn practice techniques that you can use throughout the school year. Without the distraction of schoolwork, the summer gives you time to focus on your instrument. 

The expert at anything was once a beginner.
— Helen Hayes
  • Improve Tone & Technique
    • Each student is different. In our first lesson, I will assess your current skill level and discuss your musical goals. Then, in subsequent lessons, I will introduce you to techniques and fundamentals that will help you to achieve your goals. 
  • Theory
    • Understanding music theory is essential for all musicians. I teach theory fundamentals from the basics of intervals and rhythms to chords and polyrhythmic meters and more. 
  • Scale Study
    • I believe that scales are the most basic fundamental of any musical instrument. Learning and mastering scales assists with learning fingerings, fingering patterns and makes reading music easier. During our summer lessons, we will work to learn all 12 major scales (to start) and the chromatic scale for the full range of the instrument (or student). 
  • Solo Preparation
    • There's more to music than the notes on the page. Learn to interpret a piece and play with more expression.
  • Sightreading Technique
    • Playing a new song for the first time can be intimidating. I will show you techniques to help you learn to play it right the first time. 
  • Audition Prep
    • Let me help you prepare for your next audition. I can assist with music selection, scale prep, sight reading, etc. Learn what the judges are listening.

Lessons are available for French Horn, Trumpet, Flute and Clarinet (other instruments available by request).


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30 min = $30*

*longer lessons available by request

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