Music in Our Schools Month Profile: Camille Luke

The National Association for Music Education (NAfME) has designated March as Music in Our Schools Month. To celebrate, the jsquared music performance center will be highlighting people who played instruments in grade school and the impact it made on their lives. 

Today we feature Camille Luke. Camille is a stay at home mother to two beautiful, young children. 

Camille Luke

What instrument do you play?

Clarinet and Piano

At what age did you begin to play your first instrument?


Why did you start playing?

I noticed in elementary school that we had a band elective and was curious. Lol! Plus I found out my father and uncle played in school so I figured, "Why Not?".

What was your experience with music during your elementary, middle and high school years?

Music has always been a part of my life; more vocally, than instrumental. I started out in the church choir at a young age and added private lessons for my instrument, as well, throughout my elementary and middle school years. I didn't even get involved with band until my freshman year of high school, however, once I joined, I never looked back! 

Who was your favorite music teacher? What made them your favorite?

Mr. Holley. He really challenged me to become a better musician and opened my eyes to different musical pieces from Chuck Mangione to Hans Zimmer and everything in between.


What is your favorite band memory from grade school?

Going to North Carolina for a regional band competition and sweeping each category. That's one of many favorite memories. 

Did you play an instrument in college? Did music impact your college choice?

I did! I continued with the clarinet throughout my collegiate years. I honestly didn't know anything about my college band until I became a member of it. Many local schools in my area fashioned themselves after my college. My high school, on the other hand, fashioned themselves after another college located in Northern Virginia. 

What is your current occupation?

Currently, I have the best job ever of being a stay at home mom! 

How has music helped you in your current occupation?

Music helps me to get through my day. From singing a song with my daughter, to showing her different keys on one of her instruments, to humming a quiet tune to my infant son, it allows the day to pass by quickly! 

How has music played a part in your adult life?

Music helps to get through any emotional distress I may feel. When life becomes overwhelming, I can just tune everything out for a bit and my mind can go elsewhere; a place of serenity, if you will! 

What advice do you have for young musicians?

Never underestimate music. Music is not just a song on the radio. The more involved you are with music, whether it's vocally or through an instrument, the more hands-on you become with music, the more music will change your life forever. Practice is key. Never give up on music! The road may be hard when learning any aspect of music, but it will allow you to become a well-rounded individual. 


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