Let it Snow by Boyz II Men and Brian McKnight (French Horn Cover)

It's snowing on the east coast today. I'm from Virginia Beach, VA. Growing up, we would get a dusting of snow every few years. Some years, more snow than others. Most of the time, our DOT would be on their job and the major roads would be salted in preparation for the snow. 

Currently, I live in Georgia. I actually moved here during a snow storm in 2011. It's snowed maybe every other year since then. It snowed a few weeks ago. It was beautiful. Good thing I didn't have anywhere to go because they do not know how to deal with the roads here. Everything is so spread out, it's almost impossible to try and salt everything anyway. 

In celebration of the snow, I recorded "Let it Snow" by Boyz II Men and Brian McKnight. One of my favorite groups and my favorite singer come together for the perfect holiday song that I play all year long. Thanks for listening!

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