Orange Moon

30 Day Music Challenge: Day 1

The other day on Instagram (follow me @jsquaredhorn), Kadeem Hardison posted a pic with a 30 day music challenge. I decided to get in on the fun. Why not?

Day 1

This was actually harder than I thought it would. I must've had brain freeze because it took me at least 10 minutes before I could even think of one song that had a color in the title. Of course, after I posted the challenge on Facebook and everyone started posting other songs, I remembered all of the songs mentioned. I still came up with a good one, though. 

Orange Moon by Erykah Badu

One of my favorites. I remember hearing Erykah Badu perform this song live before the Mama's Gun album came out. I was mesmerized and I usually don't like to hear songs that I don't know. Erykah has been my favorite ever since she came onto the scene with On & On.

Come back tomorrow for Day 2!

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